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KHS Ice Arena
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The GGA is Southern California's premier "Pro Hybrid" training institution. With over 20 years of playing / teaching experience we have been providing exceptional results to those who desire to

The "Pro Hybrid" Technique is now the most commonly practiced among PRO goalies around the
world. As a combination of the Traditional "Stand-Up" and North American "Butterfly" styles,
"Pro Hybrid" training combines the best of both worlds by focusing on the "Stand-Up" skating
techniques, high output lateral movement, upright recovery, and rock solid balance. A proper understanding of the "Butterfly" style ensures that goalies are able to read shots and passes
correctly using the butterfly technique, and slides only when it is appropriate to the situation,
virtually eliminating premature dropping and sliding on fake shots and passes.

Once mastered, skating agility, precise footwork and sound balance allow our goalies
to stay with quick plays, passes and convincing dekes. Meanwhile, proper execution of "Butterfly"
style provides the confidence to patiently play shots (inside / outside), one timers, rebounds,
redirections and deflections.

Through thorough explanation, repetition, and practical application, our time tested Program will
elevate one's skill set and confidence to a level of precision and dominance.

That is our GUARANTEE*

* Disclaimer. Must purchase 4 lesson package and complete 4 lessons within the time allotted. If not fully satisfied with our service, please contact for 50% refund on service.

  GGA's Rock Boynton
  one of the top goalies stats
  in the NAPHL. Great job Rock!


  CONGRAT Dylan Gluck 
  Dylan and his team won the   
  ADHSHL JV Championship
                        VIDEO HERE 

KHS Ice Arena

Tuesday 4:00 - 5:00pm
Tuesday 5:20 -6:20pm
Wednesday 4:00 - 5:00pm
Thursday 4:00 - 5:00pm

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